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Why FDI?

Experienced professionals as instructors

FDI instructors are leaders in their field. They include established film makers, photographers, production and post-production gurus and digital marketing experts with years behind them in the high street corporate world.

FDI teaching is styled to instruct, guide and mentor.

FDI also places premium on building performance confidence so our students and graduates can hold their own wherever.

Imaging communication in a fast evolving world

As our world evolves daily, the need for professionals capable of high pitched results in imaging for advertising, film, music, television and social media communications becomes increasingly dire. 

From large, medium to smaller scale organisations running the gamut of government, NGO, private, political, religious and educational institutions, there is greater demand for outstanding communications to utilise digital platforms opening at an unprecedented rate.

One hundred hours of training

All the training in innovative photography, film and digital production are worked into one hundred hours of course work. This translates to six hours of direct instruction and three hours of field work weekly.
Our students interact directly with their various instructors both actually and virtually twice a week.
Flexible hours have been designed to accommodate students in ongoing employment or conventional school systems.

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