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The CPL Course

“The mission of FDI is to raise a whole new generation of producers in film, photography and digital production with over-the-edge performance values.”

For Graduates switching careers

The programme is perfect for graduates seeking to switch disciplines or are finally making the move to take possession of their passion and become financially viable.

Your training in a previous discipline can become an asset in your new performance area. Disciplines like medicine, engineering, manufacturing, sports, the humanities and more, need those with subject insight to tell their stories through film and television and also for purposes of documentation.

Specialised industrial photography is a growing field that is not so new but with ever increasing demand for innovative input.

Social and Smartphone Photography

Social photography which also features event journalism has seen an explosion since the advent of digital media. Smartphone photography is no longer a fringe art but a respectable, self-existing field because of its innate flexibility.

The CPL course is also tailor-made for the precocious underaged.

CPL is also ideal for the precocious underaged in or out of school manifesting early signs of a bright future in film and photography. They can start to build a meaningful and impressive portfolio.

Younger candidates from financially challenged backgrounds have the chance of entering the professional world of film and photography early thereby sealing their future with the power to earn and augment their education or upkeep.

It is our understanding that the young and underaged who show artistic traits are often restless, some become indifferent to conventional school education unless avenues such as CPL are provided to ventilate what really captures and inspires their imagination.

Cost: N175,000 (Discount price offer)

Duration: 3 Months

Mode of delivery: Physical & Virtual (Hybrid) classes

Class Start Date: Monday July 5, 2021

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