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The mission of Film & Digital Institute (FDI) is to raise a whole new generation of producers in film, photography and digital production with over-the-edge performance values.

Our flagship professional programme The CPL (Certificate Pro Level), is a starter-to professional induction that puts highly motivated and fully equipped graduates in the business for top-level output

Tailor-made for graduates switching careers, the precocious underaged and anyone motivated enough


To qualify for our certificate level (CPL) programme, all that you require is a flaming interest in the digital arts of still photography or moving picture.

No prior experience or exposure. And we will take it from there.

The three months CPL course will take you from a green horn to a thoroughgoing professional, able to deliver on projects from the field to the studio, in any film, television or advertising installation.

The course will also take the candidate on a giant peek into digital and social media marketing so passion can quickly grow into a paying career.

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